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The DAO Platform For Your Assets_

DAO Tools and Tokenization Platform for Premium Domains, gTLDs, NFT’s and Real Estate Assets on the Blockchain

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Meet RealtyDAO

RealtyDAO is a network of interlocking, composable, and extensible value streams using digital native assets like domains and TLD’s that execute transactions onchain.

Initial Domain Assets in the genesis block and MARKETPLACE total TV is now $22,447,833 with 329 TLDs by Handshake and 21 premium world class domains.

Token Sale info

Total sale quantity 10000000
Token price 0.075800 
Token sale status ON
Tokens sold 50766
Unsold tokens 9949234

What it Does


Creates liquidity for your world class domains


Tokenizes Premium URLS and Blockchain TLD’s


Hosts your TLD & domains for tokens


Our DNA core apps such as Contrib and eServices wraps


Our DNA core apps such as Contrib and eServices wraps instant value to your portfolio


rDAO The Token of Choice for your Digital Native Assets

RDAO, the native RealtyDAO token, provides liquidity, programmability and automations for flexible solution adaptation.


Crypto users and domain investors now have 247/365 access to unique and premium domains.


Premium domains can now be provided instant liquidity by the rDAO utility token.

Speed of transactions

Buying, Earning, Winning currency happens within minutes, onchain.


rDAO token is pegged with USD with Proof-of-Contribution pools using the protocol of Contrib/eShares

Referrals Protocol

Instantly create referral widgets for your domain and reward users for suggestfull referrals.

Hosting and Digital Products Platform

Allows you to host tlds and domains on the platform for free.

Non-Custodial and Low Blockchain Fees

You have control of your DNA, powered by ESH with low transaction and blockchain fees.

Instant Value Proposition to your Assets

Contrib Protocol and Widgets

Price of your token is bonded to your community’s contribution. Add Contrib widgets to your website.

Decentralized & Open Source Currency

Transactions are verifiable and publicly accessible.

Fungible and NFT tokens

Create fungible and nft tokens for your domain for transparency and stakeholder management.

how it works

Crypto users and domain investors now have 247/365 access to unique and premium domains.


Buy RDAO tokens to participate in the marketplace.

how it works
how it works

Increase liquidity to your assets while you earn RDAO and hold your various ESH domain in your wallet.

For Investors

How It Works

RealtyDAO dAPP gives investors and crypto enthusiast ability to hedge risk, earn yield and stake tokens in an easy way within your wallet.

how it works

Crypto users and domain investors now have 247/365 access to unique and premium domains.

Send Your Domains

Send us your domains for value assessment and inclusion into the premium network of domains.

how it works
how it works
Non-Custodial Earning

Hold and earn yields on your single pool dna.

For Domainers

How It Works

With RealtyDAO dAPP, it is easy to start. If you are an investor or a crypto enthusiast, buying of DNA tokens is easy and painless as long as you have a wallet that is supported by RealtyDao.

The Domain DeFi Marketplace

Our DNA’s (digital native assets) on the blockchain marketplace is decentralized and ready for scale.

Domain Defi

Proof-of-Contribution Bonding Curve

rDAO uses a Proof-of-Contribution protocol wherein every rDAO token holder is a contributor and every contribution is pegged to the US dollar and added to the TV of the domain which allows us to easily compute for the ESH-USD value.

Domain Defi

The Governance Forum

Vote on topics related to your domain or RealtyDao. Only RDAO token holders will be able to participate and take action on matters related to the future of RealtyDAO and staked domains.


RealtyDAO Milestones

  1. December 2020 - Phase 1A

     Develop DAO governance within the DAO code structure
     Streamline Token Transfers among assets
     Create the multi protocol platform

  2. December 2020 - Phase 1B

     Integrations of permissionless token exchanges
     Liquidity Mining Program on Uniswap and Balancer
     DEX Listings

  3. June 2021 - Phase 2

     Adding Class Liquidity Pools
     Security Vaults for HNS TLDS
     Multi-Chain operability
     DNA Asset Trading

  4. January 2022 - Phase 3A PRE-ICO

     Pre-ICO Token Sale
     Staking and Mining Contract Development
     Monetization Apps for DAO’s

  5. January 2022 - Phase 3B PRE-ICO

     Incoming DAO governance
     Adding Class Liquidity Pools
     Security Vaults for HNS TLDS

  6. January 2022 - Phase 3C PRE-ICO

     Multi-Chain operability
     NFT DNA Asset Trading
     NFT Marketplace

  7. March 2022 Phase 4A

     Smart contract Audit
     Listings on Major Centralized Exchange
     Large influencer marketing push
     Expand Marketing and Contributor Team

  8. April 2022 Phase 4B

     Incorporation and Company LLC App for DAO’s
     Popular Website DAO app integrations (Wordpress, Shopify)
     Multi Chain Development

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