RealtyDAO- AI DAO's on Domains

Transparent Virtual Real Estate Holding and Development network for Digital Assets (URLs) on the Blockchain.

The Problem


Time To Value ROI

No Network Effects

3-Pronged Solution

A premier network platform for digital real estate and Token owners that want to rapidly increase the value of their URL and Token assets to enable transparent contribution, fractionalization and bulk management.

The patent, 14/495,018 (Platform for Building Virtual Entities using Equity Systems) 

  Domain names, I’ve been a long time collector of domain names, it’s a little piece of the Internet, of course it’s going to be valuable, I always wanted them, I hold onto them. You own a piece of the Internet, it’s like owning real estate on grand central park.  
Chris Dixon - A16z - Podcast with Fred Wilson


Digitization in Full Swing, Remote Workforce, Automated Value Creation, Technology Advancements


Testing the SAFG format to move from Centralized to Decentralized.
Risks/Reward- Buy Low, Sell High in established native digital assets, Over collatorized assets.

The Team

 Asset sales to Amazon (2x), Microsoft (2x), eBay, Fedex, Google, Disney and hundreds of others.

 Built/Sold worlds largest URL outbound brokerage (Domain Holdings Group) to 99designs/Flippa/2016

 CoFounded- Native Ad exchange doing 10 B native auctions day (BidTellect)

 Developing/Promoting Ethereum in 2014 after announcement in Miami at NABC-

 Running ETH meetup groups, 5 eth hackathons, The DAO participation.

 Core Team together past 14 years creating, learning, earning, growing. 


$1,000 Average Purchase

$10,000 Average Sale

$100,000 Average Built Entity Value

$1,000,000 in debt free assets


20,000 Premium URL’s Options -

Some Assets Controlled by RealtyDAO